Doha airport, Qatar

Considering I got some complaints about my choice of language on this blog I've decided I'll make it international so that everyone can read about our adventures. I hope that makes all y'all happy! It's probably easier for all you swedes to read in english anyway, than it is for the Americans to read in Swedish. If you're struggling, google translate is your friend.
Right now we're sitting on a bench in the middle of the desert. Or something like that. We don't really know what Doha looks like since its pitch black outside. We saw some cool skyscrapers when we landed but we had seats in the middle row so we couldn't get a picture. We walked around the entire airport to try and find them again but we didn't succeed. We ate some delicious chicken crispers instead. Nisse's first encounter with airplane food wasn't the greatest.
So we survived a six hour flight already. Now we're about to board a nine and a half (!!!) hour one. Yay! 
In Qatar they apparently have mosques in the bathrooms. Thats the most interesting picture from here. This airport wasn't as cool as I thought it would be.

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2013-04-14 @ 19:56:35

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